PaternityEstablishing Paternity

Kansas family law attorney Mindy Reynolds understands that if you are involved in a paternity action you are likely to have many questions and concerns regarding your legal rights and potential obligations. Because significant rights and responsibilities result from court orders issued in paternity actions, it is important to have a qualified and compassionate attorney working for you. Topeka family law attorney Mindy Reynolds has almost two decades of legal experience handling paternity cases and has represented countless mothers and fathers in paternity actions. Mindy Reynolds will be sensitive to your concerns and careful to explain your rights and options so you can make well informed decisions.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity

Once the paternity of a child is established by the court, the court can issue orders for legal custody, residency, parenting time, and child support, in turn, giving both parents peace of mind.

The benefits to you, if you are the father, come from having a legal acknowledgement of the paternal relationship between you and your child and a parenting plan outlining your shared responsibilities on matters pertaining to legal custody (the right to make decisions that affect your child’s health, education, and general welfare), and your parenting time.

The benefits to you, if you are the mother, are that the court will issue orders requiring the father to share in the financial responsibility for the care of the child; and you may be awarded a judgment against the father to reimburse you for a portion of your child’s birthing expenses and the costs associated with supporting your child since your child’s birth.

The benefits to the child are that the child will have the right to receive social security or veteran’s benefits, military allowances, and inheritances as may be applicable through the father.

Mindy Reynolds understands how to protect your legal rights in a paternity action. Call Mindy Reynolds today to learn how she can help you with your paternity case.

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