Child Custody & Visitation

Kansas Child CustodyHandling Kansas Child Custody Issues with Empathy & Compassion

Attorney Mindy Reynolds understands that the most serious and threatening issue a parent can face is child custody, which can also be traumatizing for the children involved. The law office of Mindy Reynolds is committed to helping her clients protect their children from the adverse impact of a Kansas custody dispute.

It can be difficult for parents to work constructively with each other to develop effective parenting plans while coping with the strong emotions involved. Mindy Reynolds views the divorce and paternity process as an opportunity to restructure family communication and co-parenting in a constructive way. Through effective negotiation strategies and recommendations for utilizing various approaches to Alternative Dispute Resolution such as conciliation and mediation, Mindy Reynolds helps her clients reach settlements in custody, parenting time, and visitation disputes.

Mindy Reynolds works hard to guide her clients through the difficult and challenging crisis that they face during a child custody battle so that they may achieve a stable and acceptable child custody arrangement. Mindy Reynolds recognizes that the legal system is complicated and will carefully explain how the legal process works so her clients can make informed decisions. With nearly two decades of legal experience, Topeka child custody attorney, Mindy Reynolds, will provide guidance and insight into what the court’s decision may be in various situations.

Mindy Reynolds is committed to helping you resolve your Kansas custody, parenting time, and visitation issues with minimal conflicts. Mindy Reynolds will discuss your range of options in negotiating setttlement of your custody and parenting issues. While you may be divorcing your spouse or ending a relationship with the other parent, you will continue to co-parent for the lifetime of your child. Attorney Mindy Reynolds engages in a collaborative approach toward problem solving and resolution and will recommend mediation and conciliation, when appropriate, to help you reach lasting, stable, and satisfying parenting plans.

In some cases despite diligent efforts to negotiate an appropriate resolution in a child custody dispute, efforts at negotiation and settlement fail. In those cases, attorney Mindy Reynolds is prepared to provide tough and effective advocacy in court; and she will work closely with you to personalize and effective litigation strategy. Mindy Reynolds will provide straightforward advice and guidance so that you can make realistic and well informed decisions to protect your legal rights and to seek results that are in the best interest of your children.

The law office of Mindy Reynolds has been representing clients in Topeka and the surrounding areas of Kansas for over twenty five years and has handled a wide range of custody, parenting time, and visitation issues including the following:

  • Parental move-away and relocation cases
  • High conflict custody disputes
  • Negotiated parenting plans
  • Paternity cases
  • Enforcement of parenting time and custody orders
  • Establishment and modification of custody and parenting time
  • Supervised visitation in cases involving parental fitness issues
  • Cases involving substance abuse and physical and emotional abuse and neglect

Mindy Reynolds understands that the legal matters that impact your relationship with your children and your children’s well-being are the most important legal issues you will ever face. Call Mindy Reynolds today to find out how she can help you with your Kansas child custody dispute.

Mindy Reynolds serves clients in Atchison, Coffey, Dickinson, Douglas, Geary, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Osage, Pottawatomie, Riley, Saline, Shawnee, Wabaunsee, and Wyandotte Counties and throughout Kansas.