Grandparent Visitation

Grandparent Visitation Topeka, KSGrandparents’ Rights

Topeka family law attorney Mindy Reynolds understands that grandparents’ rights can be a very sensitive and emotional subject. Because of the special bond between a grandparent and grandchild, a grandparent who is being denied access to their grandchild may sometimes find it necessary to petition the court for grandparent visitation.

Mindy Reynolds also understands that while the extended family support network that a grandparent can provide can be an invaluable resource for a child, in some cases a parent may believe that visitation by a grandparent may be harmful to their child or a parent may wish to set limits for the visitation that the grandparent doesn’t agree with. In other cases, a genuine conflict may exist between the parent and the grandparent that may hinder the relationship between the grandparent and the grandchild.

Whether you are a grandparent being denied access to your grandchild or a parent that believes that the visitation requested by your child’s grandparent is not in your child’s best interest, experienced family law attorney Mindy Reynolds can help.

Mindy Reynolds represents parents and grandparents on both sides of this issue and will explain your legal rights and options. Contact Mindy Reynolds today to see how she can help you.

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